It was a stormy night in Quarteira. At the bottom of the sea, the storm also scared a young octopus that struggled against the currents that dragged him to both sides.

In the midst of despair, he spotted a brown shell, which seemed to him the ideal shelter. It was as long as a large whelk, but it had a narrow entrance which prevented dangerous fish from passing through. In fact, the shell was a centuries-old Roman amphora, but he couldn’t tell shells from human artifacts, and so, feeling sheltered and very tired, he fell asleep within seconds.

The storm did not subside, and a very strong wave dragged everything in the bottom of the sea, including the amphora. A giant wave broke in the fishing port of Quarteira, and threw the amphora against Valentina, the daughter of a fisherman. This is how the two friends who will live great adventures in Quarteira meet. Come and meet them in the books The Adventures of Octávio the Octopus from Quarteira.

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